MLS Smartphones

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MLS iQTalk Crystal MAX - black

Will you compromise for anything less than MAX?

Once MLS iQTalk Crystal Max has entered the market, the use of another android feels like travelling by parachute when aviation has been invented.  Using iQTalk Crystal Max, you don’t need to write anymore.

MAXimum Screen IPS LCD 4,5 inch, high definition qHD, OGS (One Glass Solution) for absolute credibility and strength.

MAXimum photo shots with the 12MP main camera, flash mode and 2MP front camera for HD video calls.

MAXimum speed with a 1GHz imagination Dual Core processor and HSPA connectivity for faster internet surfing.

MAXimum aesthetics with a high-end design and great component surfaces.

MAXimum sound provided by the unique portable speaker included solely in the Crystal MAX packaging, MAXimizing sound without the use of energy. Listen to your music EVERYWHERE, on the bus, on the train, at the beach… no matter where you are the energy free Crystal MAX speaker shall never disappoint you.

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