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Founded in October 1989 in Thessaloniki, MLS Innovation Inc quickly became a leader in the development and implementation of interactive media technology.

In 1999, the company was awarded the European Information Technology Grand Prize while in May 2001, it was officially listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Nowadays the name MLS is intertwined with a wide variety of innovative, cutting edge technology products, ranging in application from the automotive and education markets to office and entertainment.


Having developed a highly customer-oriented profile, the company aims at the creation of innovative products that ensure the best value for its customers, followed by a strong commitment to research and development (R&D). These continuous investments in the R&D sector, in addition to the focus on  innovative solutions, spur MLS to continuously offer more advanced and useful products to its' current markets, while expanding into new sectors that promote technology.


In 2003, the company developed the first automatic navigation system in the Greek market and, in 2005, released the MLS Destinator®, its standard-setting automotive navigation system, which quickly attained a leading market position. Meanwhile in 2006, the company marked another breakthrough with the release of the MLS Destinator Talk&Drive®, the first voice-recognition driven navigation system. Turning to the educational technology market, in 2010, MLS completed the development of its own innovative interactive touch board, the MLS IQBoard®, for use in all forms of classroom-based instructional technology. Since 2011 the company has undertaken a new direction addressing to the international markets with the roll-out of the MLS Destinator Talk&Drive® navigation system, entering the Turkish, Chilean, Moroccan, Nigerean, Saudi Arabian, Jordanian and Cypriot markets. In 2012 the company expanded its commercial activities in the mobile phone market by launching the first Greek Android smartphone MLS iQTalk®. The Greek smartphone combines voice recognition and artificial intelligence technologies as well as the incorporated innovation Talk&Call which enables users to verbally pronounce the contact’s name in order to automatically dial it. The follow-up model MLS iQTalk Crystal® additionally incorporates the firm’s latest innovation Talk&SMS®. Users may dictate the content of their text message and the MLS smartphone automatically writes and sends it. Focusing on research and development, MLS evolved its new innovation Talk&Post® for Facebook that is incorporated in MLS iQTalk King®. The Talk&Post® for Facebook application enables the MLS iQTalk King® user to upload posts by using exclusively his voice. You just dictate the post’s text and it uploads on your Facebook wall! Moreover, a special Talk&Post® button on the MLS Keyboard® allows commenting and chatting only with the use of your voice! In November 2013, MLS iQTalk Crystal max® entered the market, introducing the first MLS mobile phone at 4,5” to incorporate the unique application Talk&Email® enabling the user to dictate an email while it is automatically written on the phone. In January 2014, MLS launched the latest smartphone MLS iQTalk Silk®, providing the unique feature of locking and unlocking the phone by command. Talk&Lock® enables the storage of an oral command which shall be used to verbally lock and unlock the device solely by the owner, due to the intelligent voice recognition system.

In 2013 the company expanded its field of action in the tablet market by launching the first Greek Android tablet, MLS iQTab®. MLS iQTab® incorporates the Talk&Post® for Facebook and Talk&Email® innovations, with the latter enabling the dictation of emails by voice, avoiding the time consuming of email writing. In a short period of time, MLS additionally launched three more models of Android tablets; MLS iQTab 3G®, MLS iQTab King® and MLS iQTab Crystal Alu®. In November 2013 MLS iQTab Navi® was released, incorporating the innovative MLS Destinator Talk & Drive application, which guides the user to the named destination by oral command. MLS iQTab Astro 3G® being the latest addition to the company’s products, exemplifies due to the 7,85” screen as well as its unique features such as placing calls and sending sms, while incorporating the “family” function which provides the coincidental use of a single MLS iQTab Astro 3G® by many different users.

Additionally since Research & Development is the core of the company’s activities, MLS Multimedia has been engaging in various partnerships and research programs while providing its expertise to third parties by developing and supporting applications in the fields of educational technology, linguistic technology, telematics and multimedia applications.

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