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MLS Destinator Talk&Drive™ 50SL A

Not just a navigator, the perfect driver's companion!

The most stylish and hi-tech device on the Greek market, the MLS Destinator Talk&Drive 50SL A offsets a standard for how navigation systems will look in the future.

Forget about keyboards, complicated menus, and the bulky and inelegant technology of the past. Say "hello" to the slim, ultra-stylish MLS Destinator Talk&Drive 50SL A! Tell it where you want to go and it will guide you to your destination with clear, easy-to-understand instructions. Now, instead of just "turn right," you hear "turn right onto Poseidonos Avenue" or "at the roundabout, choose the first exit onto Tritis Septemvriou Str". It's that simple, and that safe!

Like all the other members of the SL-branded navigator family, the MLS Destinator Talk&Drive 50SL A has been created to turn driving into a whole new exciting experience.

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