MLS Smartphones

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MLS iQTalk King - black

MLS iQTalk King enters the Android smartphone arena to conquer all.  Characterized by its slim, light, versatile and elegant design MLS iQTalk King’s ideal shape has been flawlessly developed by Greek mechanics. A perfect fit to the curves of the hand with a strategically designed screen assuring a fast and accurate performance.

MLS iQTalk King incorporates both of the MLS smartphones’ innovations: Talk&Call, to dictate the name of the call’s receiver so that his or her number is automatically dialed, as well as Talk&Sms to dictate the message you want to send so that the phone performs it for you!

Embodied in MLS iQTalk King, Talk&Post is the latest innovative service which allows you to post your thoughts on Facebook solely with the use of your voice. Moreover the Talk&Post tab found in the MLS Keyboard, enables you to post comments or chat simply by dictation. An innovative service introducing a new era where all functions are performed by voice comand.

The top smartphones are Greek!

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