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MLS Multimedia: Release of its first 3G tablet

Πέμπτη, 18 Ιουλίου 2013

MLS Multimedia announces the launch of its first 3G tablet. Its name is MLS iQTab® 3G that supports high speed 3G up to 21Mbps.

Available with the data transfer technology 3G-3,5G that reaches 21Mbps, the user has the ability to be always on-line at speeds up to 7 times faster than those offered by the simple 3G.  The great connectivity performance does not stop here, as the device also features Wi-Fi N and Bluetooth.

The fast and stylish tablet incorporates the new, unique voice recognition functions developed by MLS:  Talk&Post® for Facebook where you say the text and it is written automatically on your wall, while the special Talk&Post® key on the MLS Keyboard® allows you to comment and chat only with your voice. The new Talk&Email® where you just say the text you want to write and it is automatically written avoiding the time-consuming typing of emails. Furthermore the tablet incorporates the innovative navigator Talk&Drive® where you just say your destination and it guides you to it easily, quickly and safely.

The MLS iQTab® 3G is specially designed to accompany you everywhere. It has an Android 4.1 operating system, a high resolution touch screen IPS LCD 7'' with  179 ° viewing angle to allows the user watch movies with friends, as well as a 2MP camera for video calls. A dual-core processor and a dual core graphics card fulfills high demands for gaming and not only, 8GB ROM memory, radio and stereo sound of high fidelity. The special design of the MLS iQTab® 3G prevents overheating for comfortable use even at the beach. It is the lightest 3G tablet in the Greek market (270gr), especially thin (8,4 mm) and has an anti scratch-soft touch back for high durability and grib. It also comes with Wi-FiN and Bluetooth.  Finally, the tablet is available with the preinstalled navigator MLS Destinator Talk&Drive® with voice recognition, car holder & charger of a total 89Euro. It comes with a mains charger and micro USB.

The MLS iQTab® 3G is available in all COSMOTE, Germanos, OTE stores and through an extensive network of COSMOTE representatives. The suggested retail price of the MLS iQTab® 3G is 209,90€ Euros, including VAT, while it is available with COSMOTE Internet On The Go programs

MLS iQTab 3G

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